GENTLEMEN, YOU CAN’T EXCHANGE A WIDELY DIVERSE WORLDVIEW HERE — THIS IS CABLE TELEVISION! Clogged Heart Ready to Die: Stelter Decries Fox News Celebrating 25 Years.

Invoking a tone one would expect a parent to use to inform a child of something tragic, CNN’s Brian Stelter concluded Sunday’s so-called “Reliable Sources” by informing his meager viewers that Fox News would be celebrating its 25-year anniversary the coming week. Warning them that they could see commercials for it, Stelter lashed out at his ratings superior by equating them to the diseased heart of the Republican Party, ready to give out at any moment. He even suggested Fox had torn apart families.

“You’ll probably hear a lot about Fox News this week. The network is turning 25 and running lots of commercials celebrating its birthday,” he announced in his clownishly sober tone. “But you won’t hear any honest assessment of Fox on Fox of how the network has changed America.”

After hawking his trashy anti-Fox News book, yet again, Stelter suggested Fox was about to have a heart attack, grotesquely whining about them being patriotic after 9/11, and bashing them for being pro-America[.]

Well, you’ll never have to worry about that from CNN. Whatever his faults, the late Roger Ailes knew how to create populist television — in large part because he had CNN and its spin-off channels number 17 years ago:

Also, Stelter’s meltdown is a reminder of how time stands still with “Progressivism:” “‘I look forward to crushing Rupert Murdoch like a bug,’ [CNN creator Ted] Turner told the press. He compared Murdoch to Hitler, which would make Roger Ailes a reincarnation of Goebbels, and followed up with an explanation, quoted by the Los Angeles Times [in October of 1996]: ‘The late Führer, the first thing he did, like all dictators, was take over the press and use it to further his agenda. Basically, that is what Rupert Murdoch does with his media.  .  .  .’ The Nazi analogy was too much for the Anti-Defamation League, which rebuked Turner for trivializing the Holocaust. Turner apologized, but that didn’t prevent him from likening Murdoch to ‘the late Führer’ a year later; or, in 2005, comparing the success of Fox News to the rise of Hitler.”