UNEXPECTEDLY: Media stops covering FL COVID data because DeSantis’ downtrend threatens lockdown politics. “It’s seems so odd that the media holds Ron DeSantis personally responsible for a surge in COVID cases in Florida in the summer but feel no need to mention a rapid 50% case decline in the fall, doesn’t it?”

Related: The unintentionally funny anti-DeSantis COVID ad. “This ad from the PAC, ‘Remove Ron,’ is so comically overwrought that it can only be a moneymaking venture. This isn’t what you run if you’re looking to persuade swing voters. This is what you run when you’re looking to make bank off of Very Online members of ‘the Resistance’ with too much disposable income. First you get their attention, then you get them stimulated by attacking their political hate objects, then you get their cash. Watch, then read on:”