NBA: 1, DNC-MSM: Ø. NBA players blow up the media’s anti-vaxxer stereotypes.

Isaac is rejecting the atmosphere of division, the idea that anyone who’s unvaccinated is deserving of scorn from the desks at CNN, as well as ostracization from polite society by employers, friends and family. Division is the lingua franca of the national media — and Isaac isn’t speaking it. Legitimate medical diagnoses are being lumped in with QAnon Facebook conspiracists. That leads nowhere good.

Jonathan Isaac [of the Orlando Magic] seems to understand this. It’s worth asking why our media and political leaders choose to ignore it.

As Jim Treacher wrote on Wednesday in response to Isaac, “When you calmly and patiently explain your reasoning, and your opponents scream for you to lose your job, it doesn’t make me want to side with the screamers. So, what happens when more athletes and celebrities refuse to comply with these mandates? How are the authoritarians going to stop other prominent Americans from dissenting like this? Shaming them isn’t working. ‘Because I said so’ isn’t working. Banning them from social media to silence them isn’t working. Step 1 would be to drag Fauci away from the cameras and replace him with someone who’s trustworthy, but he craves fame too much for that to happen.”