SQUIRREL! Watch: Chris Cuomo Interviews Army Vet Who Captured ‘Big A** Angry Alligator’ in Trash Can: ‘The Steve Irwin Came Out In Me A Little Bit.’

Earlier: Chris Cuomo is a Symptom of CNN’s Disease:

Why should Chris Cuomo be kept on the air in such a high-profile time slot, given his history of lying to his superiors, staging fake COVID stunts, smearing sexual harassment accusers as liars on behalf of his brother, and now an on-the-record admission and apology for groping a colleague in a public setting in front of her husband? CNN could put a woman, even a woman of color, into that time slot effortlessly, and yet refuse to do so. The reason is simple — CNN believes Chris Cuomo is a star, and when you’re a star, CNN lets you get away with it.

That’s why Jeff Zucker turned a blind eye to Donald Trump when he was at NBC and The Apprentice and that’s what Zucker and CNN are doing now with Chris Cuomo. Perhaps the pattern of bad behavior does not simply begin and end with Cuomo, but with the executive and the network that continue to enable it.

And that’s why Cuomo is interviewing the guy who captured an alligator, rather than discussing his own increasing amounts of baggage.