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AJ Kaufman: Manchin and Sinema Aren’t the Only Democrats Concerned With the Direction of the Party. “It’s unclear exactly how many Democrats are siding with prominent House and Senate moderates. One centrist Democrat up for reelection next year, Sen. Maggie Hassan (D-N.H.), declined to say whether she’s comfortable with the $3.5 trillion spending number on Monday, or whether she agrees with pausing the legislation.”

Matt Margolis: The Hypocrisy of Those Complaining About ‘Missing White Woman Syndrome.’ “The thing is, she’d have a point if the same people who complain about ‘Missing White Woman Syndrome’ or otherwise inject race into this story weren’t also the same people who show little to no outrage over black-on-black crime—particularly the plague of black kids being victims of gun violence.”

Yours Truly: Ho-Ho-NO! Supply Chain Disruptions Could Be This Year’s Grinch. “Seroka said that all that spending has shipping traffic there up 50% from pre-pandemic levels, and that the infrastructure simply doesn’t exist to get all those goods off the ships and on the trucks.”