DAVID MARCUS: Newsom, Dems all about racism until Larry Elder is attacked.

It began with the Los Angeles Times running a piece claiming that Elder is the “Black face of White supremacy,” a claim that was repeated by an official speaker at a Newsom event. After that, Elder was accosted by a person wearing a gorilla mask who threw an egg at him.

We all know that if this had happened to a Black Democrat, we would be days into a national conversation about systemic racism. But Elder is a Black conservative, so that isn’t happening.

What lies at the root of this hypocrisy? Why would the media and the country’s elite who are so quick to bemoan the supposed racism of America suddenly go silent at such obvious examples? The answer is that Black conservatives are the greatest possible threat to the established political order.

The Black vote is the bedrock foundation of the Democratic Party’s power structure. And because of the geographical demographics of the Black vote, it holds serious sway in big cities and big states. There is nothing that could unravel the party as quickly or efficiently as a significant movement to the right by Black voters. That’s why the blatant racism directed at Elder is whitewashed.

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