BRYAN PRESTON:Clint Eastwood Returns in ‘Cry Macho,’ Continuing a Legendary Career That Began With a Film That Shouldn’t Have Worked at All. “Eastwood later said it was the Kurosawa aspect that first drew him to Leone’s production, that and a free trip; he was already a fan of Yojimbo. ‘This thing will either do really well or it won’t do anything,’ Eastwood says of his expectations at the time. ‘Probably the latter.’ He thought it might ‘bomb out’ but he would get a trip to Italy and Spain out of it, so he signed on to star, provide his own wardrobe, and keep track of his own props. ‘You all can go to Hell,’ Eastwood might as well have been saying to Hollywood, ‘I’m going to go shoot a weird, low-budget Western with an Italian director in Spain.'”