But here’s the thing, though: It’s not misleading at all. That’s exactly what happened. Biden did what he’s accused of doing. It’s true. There’s proof and everything.

This isn’t a fact-check. It’s some Democrats with press passes doing damage control for the president.

Apparently one of the adults at USA Today realized how bad this looks, but only after allowing this garbage to be published. Now the “fact-check” has been “clarified”:

Corrections and Clarifications: This story was updated Sept. 2 to note that Biden checked his watch multiple times at the dignified transfer event, including during the ceremony itself. The rating on this claim has been changed from partly false to missing context.

“This story was updated to note that, uh… the thing we claimed to be false was actually true.”

This is better, but it’s still a lie. The story was “updated” to note the incontrovertible truth that the piece was originally intended to obfuscate, but the “correction” still claims there’s “missing context.” Like what? There’s no missing context. Biden was checking his damn watch as the coffins went by. It’s a simple fact.

The only “context” is that Biden embarrassed himself, his party, and his country. He’s a bad president and an even worse human being.

That’s quite a look from the DNC-MSM when their “fact checkers” are going to war against the families of fallen soldiers.