IT’S COME TO THIS: San Francisco is now literally paying people to not shoot each other.

Yes, this is a real thing that’s happening. Cracking down on crime? That’s racist.

Paying gangbangers $300 a month not to spray bullets at each other? Progress!

A new program in San Francisco will pay people at high risk of shooting someone not to pull the trigger to help alleviate rising gun violence in the city.

The Dream Keeper Fellowship is set to launch in October and pay 10 individuals $300 each month to not be involved in shootings, Sheryl Davis, executive director of the Human Rights Commission, told Newsweek in an interview Tuesday.

That’s nice. Violent men are known to respond to politically-correct programs that think government bureaucracy can erase human ambition and sin.

As Jim Treacher wrote in February when Baltimore Activist Wanted to Pay Criminals Not to Kill People:

I like this idea, obviously. You can catch more flies with a carrot than a stick, or something. But why rely on the government to do it? It should be privatized. It’s up to each of us to make the world a safer place. Here’s what I suggest: Go around your neighborhood and remind everybody that it’s a nice place and it would be a shame if something… happened to it. You never know when somebody’s gonna get shot, do ya? But for a very reasonable price of $1,000 a month, you’ll agree not to shoot anybody. Is that really too much to pay to ensure your family’s safety? Who could refuse such an offer?

Heh, indeed.™