WHY IS THE DNC-MSM SUCH A CESSPIT OF SEXISM? ‘Vile and sexist’ cartoon shows how DeSantis’ press secretary Christina Pushaw is getting under media’s skin for calling out BS reporting.

Classy stuff. Given the media’s vaunted layers and layers of fact-checkers and editors, I assume a senior editor at the Pensacola News Journal signed off on this cartoon. As Pushaw notes, “So-called feminist liberal men are, in fact, the most sexist and misogynistic of all. [Marlette] is a prime example.”

UPDATE: Gannett says political cartoon of DeSantis press secretary ‘being reviewed’ after critics accuse it of sexism. “‘The fact that Andy Marlette is employed by a Gannett company while Dr. Seuss has been canceled is a vivid illustration of the Left’s double standard,’ Pushaw told Fox News. ‘Will Gannett make an exception to its anti-bigotry stance for Andy Marlette because he hates Governor DeSantis?  Consequence culture. They wanted it,’ Pushaw added.”

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