TRUNALIMUNUMAPRZURE! Biden Smirks, Makes Snide Remarks When Asked About Afghanistan as White House Cuts Audio Feed.

Reporters tried to ask President Joe Biden about Afghanistan during his cybersecurity meeting.

NBC News’s Peter Alexander wanted to know what Biden will do if Americans are still in Afghanistan after the August 31 deadline.

Biden smirked.

But then he answered, but the White House cut off the audio feed!

Luckily, Alexander tweeted out the response.

Biden said, “You’ll be the first person I call.”


Video at link. As Matthew Continetti wrote at Commentary before Team Biden’s Afghanistan debacle, President “Compassion” is actually “President Wise Guy,” particularly when it comes to his party’s operatives with bylines:

Joe Biden is playing hard to get. He’s involved in an unrequited love affair: The media adore him, but he hates them. He routinely shows his temper in exchanges with reporters. He calls them names and demeans their profession. He snaps and complains at the first sign of dissent. The reporters shrug it off: Ha, ha, no harm done. His interruptions, insults, and bloopers don’t repel the White House press corps—they make ’em swoon.

The contrast between Biden’s relationship with the media and that of his predecessor couldn’t be more glaring. When Donald Trump was president, journalists cast themselves as Millennial Bob Woodwards and Zoomer Carl Bernsteins, valiant fighters for truth in a world darkened by lies. Now they are back to playing palace guard—for a king who wishes they’d just go away.

And now they have to prop him up, and help him — if it’s possible — to turn one of America’s biggest overseas debacles (and possibly “The Largest Hostage Crisis in American History”) into what both the Biden Administration and some in the media hope is just another bad news cycle to be overcome.

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