JOHN KASS: The one thing keeping Biden in office.

What worries me in addition to his incompetence is his style, the way he presents the presidency to the world, with those watery and unfocused blue eyes, Biden babbling softly while reading his teleprompter in the White House.

Such is the President of the United States of America.

It was like watching some foreign film actor who can’t speak a word of English reciting his lines phonetically for Hollywood, issuing pleasant sounds devoid of meaning in place of cold, hard ideas and realities.

Bela Lugosi, the Hungarian refugee who became world-famous as “Dracula” knew no English when he arrived in America. According to his son, Lugosi memorized his lines phonetically in the Broadway play “The Red Poppy” to rave reviews.

And Yoko Shimada, the accomplished and lovely Japanese actress who starred in the old mini-series “Shogun” was another, making sounds without knowing exactly what they were saying. There have been other such actors speaking phonetically to their audience.

But none of these were President of the United States.

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