JIM TREACHER: The Elites Dance and Feast While You Close Up Shop.

Afghanistan started falling to pieces the minute Joe Biden abandoned it, with thousands of Americans suddenly trapped behind enemy lines because of his incompetence. The U.S. southern border is exploding. Prices are going up everywhere you look, and there’s another coronavirus scare every time you turn around. The people who expect you to trust them keep letting you down and then lying about it.

Meanwhile, our elites dance…And feast:

* * * * * * * * *

Isn’t that lovely? The only people wearing masks at Nancy Pelosi’s soiree are the servants. Masks are just another class signifier now.

I’m glad the rich and powerful are still having a good time. As for the rest of you scum, go cower in your miserable shacks and await permission to forage for sustenance. And cover your faces, you worthless serfs! You are free to do what you’re told.

Welcome to Weimar America; flashback: Private jets and no masks — how Obama’s party was height of elite hypocrisy.

UPDATE (FROM GLENN): Flashback: The rich and powerful thrived as the rest of us suffered in the year of lockdowns.