August 23, 2021

IT’S SO NICE HAVING THE GROWNUPS BACK IN CHARGE: Biden Administration Sent Out Thousands of ‘Bogus’ Visas to Americans in Afghanistan.

David Fox, who runs a marketing company in Kabul, said he received an email from the U.S. Embassy’s consular services department that included the document, meant to help U.S. citizens and Afghan citizens eligible for Special Immigrant Visas (SIVs) to leave the country.

Fox noted that the document looks like a U.S. visa, except it had no name, serial number, or barcode on it.

Clearly, the Biden administration didn’t consider the most obvious result of such a foolish move.

“And what do you think happened when these people received a document like this that has no name? Of course, they printed out a thousand copies,” Fox said. “You have tens of thousands of Afghans who now have this kind of ridiculous, bogus document that the State Department created.”

Heads should roll, but won’t.

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