GENERALS OF THE CLOWN WORLD: “I hope you’re sitting down when you watch this:”

This is the most senior military officer in the United Kingdom speaking. This is the British equivalent of Gen. Mark Milley, head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. And he’s talking about the Taliban being “inclusive.” I wonder if he thinks they are deep down committed to diversity and equity too?

A friend who is a veteran of the Afghan war and who saw a lot from the inside says that this podcast episode from Tom Joscelyn and Bill Roggio is the thing to listen to for understanding how everything went wrong in Afghanistan. He urged me to have my son, who is considering the military, listen to it. I listened to it myself. The hosts are unsparing in their evisceration of senior military leadership, as well as the Obama and Trump administrations. They both say at the outset that they do not blame our troops for what happened, but rather the commanders who sent them in to do impossible things. They also say that they both know men who have died in Afghanistan, so this is personal to them. Joscelyn and Roggio recount the lies upon lies upon lies that US military and civilian officials have told over the years.

Around the 41 minute mark, as they’re wrapping up, co-host Joscelyn says, “You should be angry about this war for a lot of reasons, but it speaks to a broader incompetence in the American elite. It’s total incompetence across the board.”

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Our elites’ wokeness certainly was a factor. So: yes. Next question?

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