August 19, 2021

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Kevin Downey Jr: The Durham Report Is a Glacier: Slow Moving But Potentially Devastating. “Durham is said to have asked people questions about evidence related to the now-debunked lie that a server for the Trump organization covertly communicated with a bank in Russia, called Alfa Bank. The FBI investigated this and found it to be untrue. Durham’s prosecutors appear to be pursuing people who may have knowingly passed off this false info to the FBI, or passed it to intermediaries, who then gave it to the FBI. Anyone in the chain who knew the info was false could face charges for lying to the federal government.”

Matt Margolis: Democrat Strategist Says Dems Needs to Steamroll Their Agenda While They Still Can. “All in all, the 46th president and his allies should probably stop worrying about his approval ratings and just get as much done as they possibly can while they still control Congress.”

Yours Truly: I’m Not in a ‘New York State Of Mind’ (And You Won’t Be Either After Hearing This Bill de Blasio Cover). “Now de Blasio is in Panic Mode, trying one stunt after another to bring people back to the city he drove them from.”

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