August 17, 2021

JAMES LILEKS: “By the way, yes, I was vaccinated. I am a breakthrough case, one of 7,000 in Minnesota. That’s the official number. I’m sure it’s 3X, at least, because people don’t get tested. Why would they? They got the poke, they feel fine, on with normal life. I wouldn’t have thought I had it. The happy prospect: when I was tested, I was at the end portion! Seems unlikely I was starting fresh on Saturday, after all. This was not how I expected the summer to conclude, to say the least. Last summer, yes. This summer, no.”

Plus some thoughts on the 1977 Burt Lancaster movie Twilight’s Last Gleaming: “[T]hat dark and malevolent all-powerful government with a shadowy cabal of brilliant and ruthless men dedicated to national security sure seems like a relic of another time, doesn’t it? Also: unless you sat through a long string of movies in those days that ended with their version of the President Shot to Death, you have no idea why Star Wars felt so bright and clean at the end.”

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