August 16, 2021

SAD: Today’s trans-identified teen: bored, privileged, lonely and entitled.

There has been a lot of information out about teen girls suddenly declaring they are trans with Lisa Littman’s study that found it’s a social contagion and Abigail Shrier’s book “Irreversible Damage,” which studied the transitioning trend among young girls and teens.

But there had not been much on boys within this so-called transgender craze, so I helped start a group for parents of trans-identifying boys.

What we noticed after a while was that the scientific and medical communities refuse to study this phenomenon, so we started doing our own research.

Quickly some interesting commonalities emerged: 85 percent of our boys had an IQ over 130. We learned that these are mostly smart nerdy boys who claim they are straight and want to identify as a lesbian. They also were also often on the autism spectrum, had suffered trauma, or had internalized homophobia.

But, as we dug deeper, we began to notice more common threads, and as we pulled on them, the story came into focus. On average, our kids are white kids coming from two-parent homes, with comfortable lives — sometimes even VERY comfortable lives.

What on earth can this mean? What are these kids so lacking that they hope to find by identifying as trans? One can speculate.

In a world in which the racially oppressed and marginalized are placed on pedestals and celebrated as brave heroes, where do these privileged white boys fit in? They’re called oppressors, supremacists, and toxic, so they seek to identify with an oppressed class.

Perhaps they are ashamed that they have it so good?

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