August 15, 2021

BIDEN’S FOLLY:  “Given events and the likely consequences, the fact that the Administration ‘derives comfort’ from anything regarding its decision to hand over Afghanistan to the Taliban is nauseous. That they’re ‘betting’ they will escape political punishment is perhaps more so. What we’re witnessing, in real time, on the BBC and CNN and on the websites of the world’s great news organizations is the Taliban’s reimagining of The Killing Fields. Mullah Pol Pot comes to Kabul in a Toyota pick-up truck. Prepare your 13-year-old daughters for ‘marriage’…If you’re President Xi, you see Afghanistan, clearly, for what it is: a humiliating defeat for the United States. He might call it ‘flexible humiliation.’ And what he knows from history is that defeated nations have little appetite for war in the immediate aftermath of losing one. Taiwan is there for the taking. How and when it happens are variables.”

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