August 6, 2021

QUESTION ASKED: Could Newsom Actually Be Recalled?

The California recall election against Gov. Gavin Newsom had been a fairly quiet affair, with Republicans considered a long shot at best to oust him. That was before two polls from Emerson College and another for the Los Angeles Times showed support for the recall reaching around 47%. More ominously for Newsom, opposition to the recall has fallen below 50%. If undecideds break strongly enough for “remove,” he could lose. Against this backdrop is the specter of the 2003 recall, when California voters replaced Gray Davis with Arnold Schwarzenegger. If Republicans could pull off the feat once, they might do so again in 2021.

It’s certain gotten Gov. French Laundry running a bit scared: Nervous Newsom attacks Larry Elder, says homeless camps are ‘not acceptable.’

Newsom’s tough talk on homeless camps comes just a week after he told a group of newspapers, “Don’t ever confuse me with the defund police movement.” That may not sound like much in the rest of the country but in California, this is definitely moving to the right. Progressives who haven’t learned their lesson from Nina Turner’s loss in Ohio ought to pay attention. Newsom is many things but he’s not dumb. He knows the far left positions on these issues are losers.

Newsom suddenly against homeless camps and defunding the police? When a man knows he is to face a recall election in a couple of fortnights, it concentrates his mind wonderfully.

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