August 7, 2021

K-12 IMPLOSION UPDATE: Teaching Race in Kindergarten.

Under the colorblind approach, we were taught to view people as individuals, to emphasize our common humanity, and to avoid racial or ethnic generalizations. Under the new racialism, we are told that it is naïve to believe that transcending race is possible in a society where every institution is shaped by past and present racism; therefore, we need to acknowledge, emphasize, and place value on racial categories.

If you want to know how this new racialism manifests in the real world, look no further than Oregon’s Kindergarten 2021 Social Science Standards, which have been updated to integrate “ethnic studies.” Standards like this one lay out the knowledge, skills, and understandings that educators are expected to impart to their students, and teachers use them as a rough guide for composing their lessons for the year. Although Oregon schools are not required to implement these new standards until 2026, they have been approved for classroom use as of March of this year.

This is kindergarten — teach the kids to not eat paste, not CRT.

Speaking of which: Glenn Kessler’s hit-piece-in-progress on Christopher Rufo blew up in his face.

Exit quote: “I just screwed the Washington Post…and it is glorious.”

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