July 30, 2021

QUESTION ASKED: Do Democrats Really Want to Die on ‘Mask Hill?’

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More: Wait, That’s the Risk of Symptomatic Infection That Has the CDC So Worried? “That comes out to 1 out of every 4,628.57 people. I like those odds! I’m sure someone would say ‘yes, but that’s per week, meaning you face the same risk the next week!’ Okay, so every week, I face a new metaphorical lottery of being that one person out of 4,628 or so who has a symptomatic breakthrough infection. I can live with that, and you can, too. Yes, it will stink to feel sick for a couple of days, but symptomatic breakthrough infection almost never results in hospitalization or death.”

UPDATE: The New York Post’s cover today puts things in graphic perspective. AKA, Brainless Policy from Topless Administration:

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