July 28, 2021

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Quick: Read This Study on Recovered Immunity Before It Gets Memory Holed. “So how long before Emory University gets canceled or has to retract its latest article on long-term recovered immunity?”

Plus: The Newspeak Dictionary From ‘1984’ Has Been Realized. “Recently, I subscribed to Grammarly Premium to help catch errors in my writing—of which there can be a lot. Upon upgrading my account, I learned that one of the features offered in the Grammarly Premium subscription was that the software would check your writing to provide suggestions for more “inclusive” language.”

And: Don’t Count Your 2022 Chickens Before They Hatch. “Republicans need to beware infighting and recriminations. Conservatives need to band together to form a united front against the Left’s threats to education, election integrity, peace on our streets, the value of our dollars, and basic sanity. The more the Democrats can focus on sideshows about the Capitol riot and Liz Cheney, the worse Republicans will look.”

UPDATE (FROM GLENN): Here’s the full recovered immunity study.

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