July 23, 2021

REALDUMMEPOLITIK: Biden Tried to Silence the Ukrainians but They’re Exposing the Threat He’s Created.

Not only did Biden reverse America’s longstanding opposition to the completion of the pipeline by waiving sanctions on the Russia-controlled company involved, but as I reported a few days ago, the Biden team had been leaning on the Ukrainians and folks in Eastern Europe to keep quiet and not voice their objections to the deal that Biden has worked out with Germany to allow the completion.

Politico reported that they’ve been told by four people “with knowledge of the conversations” that the U.S. has been telling Ukraine to shut up about any opposition, not to go public with it, and not to talk to Congress about their concerns, unless they want to “damage” the relationship they have with the Biden administration.

But to Ukraine’s credit, they’re refusing to shut up, despite the threat by Biden to go along to get along.

Good for them.

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