THE GRIFT THAT KEEPS ON GRIFTING: Review: Nice Racism by Robin DiAngelo.

DiAngelo claims to earn an average fee of $14,000 per engagement, which includes pro bono work as well as corporate gigs that run “upwards of $30,000.” At a rate of one event per week, that works out to $728,000 in annual compensation on the speaking circuit alone. That’s on top of the estimated $2 million in royalties she pocketed thanks to the success of White Fragility. It’s decent work if you can get it, though DiAngelo might not agree. “We need to recognize racial equity as a field requiring a high level of skill and expertise that should be compensated,” she implores.

Nice Racism is DiAngelo’s best effort to double down on the lucrative schtick. The author’s target audience and chief benefactors, white progressives, are chastised for their insufficient devotion to the cause of racial equity. The beatings will continue until morale improves, and profits increase. Even the most well-intentioned white progressives, DiAngelo scolds, are responsible for “the most daily harm to Black, Indigenous, and other radicalized people” in ways that are “less obvious” but also “more insidious.”

Read the whole thing — and Alvy Singer, call your office: