LESS THAN PRIME: 2 delivery companies in Oregon reportedly stopped working for Amazon, their only client, alleging ‘intolerable’ conduct and unsafe working conditions.

The companies sent a letter to Amazon accusing the e-commerce giant of “intolerable, unconscionable, unsafe, and most importantly, unlawful” conduct in the past two years, according to Vice. Together, the delivery companies employ roughly 150 drivers and make more than 20,000 Amazon deliveries in the Portland area on average every day, The Oregonian reports.

The companies said Amazon nixed delivery routes and changed rules without notifying them, according to Vice. The letter, obtained by Vice says that, because drivers commit to routes ahead of time, Last Mile and Triton are still on the hook for wages even if Amazon cuts routes at the last minute due to low inventory or warehouse staffing.

In the letter, the companies also accused Amazon of accessing drivers’ personal information, reducing reimbursements, firing drivers without giving the companies a say in the matter, and allocating deliveries unevenly among workers. Because deliveries weren’t evenly divided, some workers ended up needing to drive faster, potentially endangering other drivers or pedestrians, and work 12-hour shifts, even though Amazon only reimburses them for 10-hour shifts, according to Vice.

More to come, I’m sure.