June 30, 2021

JOANNE JACOBS: Goodbye to Joe College.

College enrollment has declined by more than 14 percent in the last 10 years, the National Student Clearinghouse reports. The decline for men was 18 percent, nearly double the decline for female students, writes Vedder. “In the 2020-21 year, for example, the number of women enrolled declined by nearly 203,000, but the male decline was nearly double that, over 400,000.”

He suspects young men don’t feel welcome at colleges where professors and activists “rant about ‘white male privilege’ and diversity bureaucrats favor women over men, Vedder writes.

Why go where you’re considered “toxic” — and take on a load of debt — when there are coding academies and welding schools?

Indeed. But count on the Left to denigrate these savvy and well-trained young men as uneducated boors.

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