Did anyone else catch the sordid humiliation porn screened on CNN Thursday? The nine-minute clip featured a MILF-cum-dominatrix who works under the name Alisyn Camerota and a promising new adult star called Jeffrey Toobin (

It was Toobin’s first appearance on the AVN-award-winning network since his eight-month stint in a dungeon. The little-pig-boy, 61, was locked up after one of his cam-shows went awry at his other employer, a top-shelf skin mag called the New Yorker.

‘It’s been a while,’ Camerota begins. ‘It has been a while indeed,’ Toobin replies with a wry smile. Camerota then ‘recaps’ where Toobin has been for the last few months, as the two giggle to themselves.

* * * * * * * *

The dominatrix has posted the full nine-minute clip to her Twitter profile, with the unassuming caption ‘My interview with @JeffreyToobin.’

Cockburn has a sturdy disposition and an open mind — but even he struggled to witness such depravity on national television. Is retaining a role at CNN really worth such a public and excruciating exposure? Hopefully Mistress Camerota keeps the ball-gag in for Toobin’s next appearance, to save him a few blushes.

Absolutely savage.