BRIAN STELTER HAS NO SHAME: Is his ‘interview’ with Jen Psaki the most embarrassing segment CNN has ever aired?

For anyone still wondering why Joe Biden or President Ron Klain chose Psaki, a former CNN contributor, to be the daily public face for this administration, look no further than Brian Stelter’s coddling and unabashed fangirling. This administration knows Brian Stelter is a mark, someone who has advanced his career solely by sucking up to power, whether it be in the Obama and Biden White House or Warner Media. Stelter, remember, wrote a tell-all about NBC, but somehow forgot to include a chapter on Matt Lauer. Oops!

Brian Stelter is someone who simply loves the comfort of the chair he’s in. That would be all well and good if that chair didn’t sit in front of a camera broadcasting out to a couple thousand viewers* nationally every week.

CNN has devolved into a playground of celebrity narcissists whose only job is to perform the news and do the dance that Jeff Zucker tells them to — not report news or inform viewers. They all play their role, whether it’s Anderson Cooper’s nightly fainting couch hyperbole over the January 6 Capitol riots, or Chris Cuomo’s comedy double act with his brother, or Jake Tapper’s fallacious ‘last honest man in Washington’ shtick, or Jim Acosta dropping awkward burns of Donald Trump that he gleamed off Twitter. But none of them have sullied themselves the way Stelter did this past Sunday. His colleagues who claim to be just as a rigorous and dedicated journalist as Brian should be embarrassed for him. Clearly he is incapable of feeling so himself.

This is CNN.

* Are we sure the numbers are that high?