KURT SCHLICHTER: Democrats Want to Destroy Democracy to Save It.

The idea that there’s going to be an armed attempt to return Trump in triumph to Pennsylvania Avenue by the end of this summer is ludicrous, but that’s part of the charm for its intended audience of MSNBCNN fans. They adore any narrative that provides them the kind of fake boogeyman – like climate change or systemic racism – that they love to battle. They get to pretend they are courageous knights by slaying toothless dragons, like the Great Insurrection that never seems to come. Never have so many thought themselves so brave for risking so little: “We need to fearlessly resist Donald Trump before he destroys our democracy – send tweet!”

So, the experts should unbunch their panties and take a deep breath. We’re not going quit securing our elections, and it doesn’t look like their high-pitched, girlish shrieks are going to cause Joe Manchin to commit ritual electoral suicide in his deep red state. The Dem’s trash election fraud initiative is swirling down the toilet. Experts schmexperts, they’re just going to have to live with an electoral system that is almost, but not quite, as fair, honest, and secure as Mexico’s.

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