May 24, 2021

A COOL AND LOGICAL ANALYSIS OF THE BICYCLE MENACE: Cycling and the Power of White Privilege.

It’s time for cycling to think beyond white fragility, white privilege, implicit bias, and microaggressions, and begin to think about its root cause. Cycling must reject interventions that continue to individualize anti-Black racism, and work to break down the structures that allow whiteness to retain power in the sport.

Anti-racist efforts within cycling must move beyond the trite euphemisms of inclusion, diversity, sensitivity, and allyship, and begin to seriously consider the dimensions of power at play. Yes, control of cycling resources are [sic] important, as are safe spaces to ride one’s bike, but the power of whiteness within cycling remains unsullied. . . .

If cycling and its stakeholders are to take anti-Black racism seriously, it must frame its understanding of the world beyond the individual. To proclaim that Black lives matter would also mean being attuned to the ways in which whiteness, as a position of power, continues to be normalized on and off the bike.

Exit question: is bicycling more or less racist than mid-century modernist furniture?

(Via the Wall Street Journal; Classical reference in headline.)

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