May 15, 2021

A TIMELY REPRISE: I wrote this article for The Daily Caller a few years ago. It seems sadly appropriate. And the outrage about the IDF bombing the building where the AP resides doesn’t cut it. The Committee to Project Journalists’ indignant press release never once mentions that the building was home to Hamas operations.

The AP, caught up behind the facts, later issued this statement:

I have to say I find this a bit hard to believe. As one commenter noted on my FB page:

“If AP did not know that Hamas was in the building, then they are incompetent reporters. If AP knew that Hamas was in the building but kept silent, then they are complicit. If AP comprehended that it would be used as a human shield, then it is a Hamas collaborator.”

I might add as a denouement that using US journalists as hostages and shields is nothing new to Islamic militants.

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