BYRON YORK: Republicans push FBI over ‘suicide by cop’ outrage.

Last month some House GOP lawmakers revealed the previously unknown fact that the FBI ruled the June 14, 2017 shooting attack on the House Republican baseball team to be an act of “suicide by cop.” It was stunning news. How could the FBI do such a thing? The shooter, James Hodgkinson, expressed bitter hatred for Republicans, brought guns when he moved to the Washington area, had a hit list of GOP lawmakers in his pocket when he approached the baseball practice, checked to make sure the men on the field were in fact Republicans, and then opened fire. He nearly killed House Republican Whip Steve Scalise, badly wounded a lobbyist, and hurt two others before being shot to death by Scalise’s security detail and Alexandria, Virginia police.

It was absolutely clearly, without any doubt, an act of domestic political terrorism. And yet in November, 2017, when the FBI briefed House lawmakers on the investigation, they announced that they had determined the attack was an episode of “suicide by cop” — that is, despite all the evidence to the contrary, Hodgkinson was trying to kill himself, not Republicans.

Now, GOP lawmakers are pushing FBI Director Christopher Wray to explain how the bureau came to that conclusion.

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