May 4, 2021

RODNEY, CAN YOU PLEASE TELL US, HOW BIG IS THE PRESIDENT? What’s up with this photo of the Bidens and the Carters?

Uh, why do Joe and Jill look roughly twice the size of Jimmy and Rosalynn?

I hope the president and first lady enjoyed their trip to the Shire.

Carter’s parting advice to Biden after their visit was to follow the yellow brick road.

No, really, what happened here, photographers? Is it as simple as using a wide-angle lens to get everyone in the frame, with the two people at the outer edges appearing enlarged as a result? We should try to solve this mystery before Tucker invites Alex Berenson on to try to puzzle out why getting vaccinated seems to have made the Bidens grow and the Carters shrink.

I blame the Pepsi Syndrome.

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