May 4, 2021

“IN AN UNEXPECTED DEVELOPMENT, THE PROVOST OF THE UNIVERSITY OF SAN DIEGO ACTUALLY DID THE RIGHT THING:” U. San Diego Law Prof. Tom Smith Vindicated: Blog Criticising Chinese Government Held Protected By Academic Freedom.

UPDATE (FROM GLENN): This is obviously right, and it’s sad we live in a world where it took weeks for someone in authority to state the obvious. Still, it’s a win. Now I think the mob who went after him needs a remedial course in civilization.

ANOTHER UPDATE (FROM GLENN): Univ. of San Diego Provost Rejects Complaints Against Prof. Tom Smith Over His Criticism of China. “I would have much liked to see a stronger defense of academic freedom. Still, the result is correct.”

I’d like to see information on any connections between the organizations calling Tom Smith “racist” for attacking the Chinese government, and the Chinese government. When people parrot the talking points of a foreign adversary, certain inferences present themselves.

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