JUST BACK FROM THE 2021 DALLAS INTERNATIONAL GUITAR FESTIVAL: Downsides: Surprisingly little mask wearing (I’m glad I’ve had my vaccination), and with the exception of online music retailer Sweetwater, not many of the big players in the music industry had a direct presence there, beyond what their dealers had on display. Upsides: A glimpse of a return to normal, with live music events (both an indoor and outdoor stage), and enough people attending that the dealers said it was the best turnout in three years. And I did I say it was glimpse of a return to normal? Watch for a more detailed report, and many more photos soon. There’s one more day of the festival, if you’re in the D-FW Metroplex area on Sunday.

This little guy could absolutely shred on Jimi Hendrix’s “Voodoo Chile” on a Fender Strat that’s bigger than he is.
Les Paul Forum alumnus Tom Wittrock of Third Eye Music, holding one of his ultra rare late 1950s sunburst Gibson Les Pauls, which routinely trade in the six-figure range these days.