May 1, 2021

YES. NEXT QUESTION? None Dare Call It Socialism?

Stephen Collinson is well-known among conservatives as the most hackneyed of the hacks at CNN. The CNN Politics Twitter account promoted his latest online essay with the words “President Biden to showcase his moderate radicalism in his big congressional address.”

“Moderate radicalism”? Doesn’t that make about as much sense as “quiet loudness”?

Collinson argued “Biden’s quiet radicalism is expressed through a huge pandemic rescue bill, a larger proposal that redefines the concept of infrastructure, and a massive health and child care blueprint.” In other words, a socialist blueprint.

Politico gushed with this headline “Biden Just Gave the Most Ideologically Ambitious Speech of Any Democratic President in Generations.” Our socialist media won’t use the S-word. They use words like “bold” and “ambitious” and repeat phrases like “go big or go home.” As if you couldn’t say a Soviet five-year plan was “go big or go home.”

Just think of the media as Democratic Party operatives with bylines, and their gaslighting makes perfect sense.

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