April 26, 2021

HELEN TRIES IT: Last night, I finally got the time to read Howard McEwen’s awesome book Daddy Issues: A Hard Man Novel (The Hard Man Series). His books take a look at men who have led tough lives and in this one, it was so refreshing to hear from a guy’s perspective how he felt about coming home to a dismissive wife and disrespectful teenage daughter. Everyone tells you men are the problem in our society these days but missing from that woke stereotype is the voice of men who have real feelings and real reasons to be upset.

The protagonist in the story is a guy named Wag who runs a successful car repair shop and he has numerous reasons to be unhappy. No one much cares though as the women in his life seem out of touch and distant. His mother leaves him when he is 12 and his wife and daughter are self-centered and out for themselves. The book should have been titled “Mommy issues” because Wag’s desperate need for loving looks from women leads him to do stupid and dangerous things. I will leave it at that but buy the book and the others in the series, they are worth staying up late for. (Bumped)

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