April 11, 2021

ALL ABOARD UNCLE JOE’S GRAVY TRAIN! You knew there would be some waste and corruption — ok, a lot of it — in this Administration. But JustTheNews reports this mindboggling example:

“Princeton, a school with a $26.6 billion endowment, is receiving $12 million, while Yale will add $17.3 million to its $31.2 billion stockpile, and Penn has been awarded $26.3 million on top of its nearly $15 billion fund. Columbia and Cornell will each receive just about $33 million to add to their respective billions. Rounding out the list, Harvard — a school that has been called “A Hedge Fund That Has a University” — is receiving more than $25 million to add to its $41.9 billion endowment.”

Hey, those Chief Diversity Officers and Bias Response Teams don’t come cheap. And besides, it’s for the children.

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