HELEN TRIES IT: My neck often hurts when I drive so I decided my product to try for you today from Helen’s Page is Russ Mitchell’s book Driving With Ease. Mitchell uses the Feldenkrais Method to help drivers use gentle movements and techniques to drive longer distances without getting as fatigued and emotionally drained when they go on long trips. He starts his chapters with exercises for you to do on the floor and then moves into using them in the car. I tried a few of the exercises he suggested in the first few chapters and while I felt kind of ridiculous lying on the floor, they were kind of calming and nice. The rest of the book focuses on using your pedals and arm positions in the car to cause the least strain. I hope to continue learning more and to work up to driving longer distances which I have been reluctant to do because I find it tedious.

If you want to take a look at the book, it can be found for free on kindle unlimited or you can order it directly from the author. He describes himself as a “recovering academic” so let’s all support him in his recovery. (Bumped)