April 6, 2021

HELEN TRIES IT: So I thought I would start trying out some of the products that are being listed on Helen’s Page in order to let readers know if they are good or not. Tested products get a verification badge.

First up is King Harv’s Imperial Coffees. I ordered the Organic Colombia which is one of their sale brands. You can get it ground anyway you want from regular to k-cup grind. I ordered the k-cup grind and received it 4 days later by USPS. King Harv was kind enough to add a half pound of their pricier blend of Panama Geisha coffee which King Harv told me “is called ‘Geisha’ because although grown in Panama, the genetic source of the coffee trees is from Gesha valley, Ethiopia.”

Both coffees arrived in nice vacuum sealed bags and we made them in in our Keurig maker using the adjustable k-cup thingy. Glenn tried the Geisha blend and pronounced it to be “smooth, bright, and not too acidic, and reminiscent of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee” which he loves. I tried the Columbia blend and it was very classic, with a strong bold taste, yet very smooth. Both were excellent but if you are on a budget, the Columbia is a better bet. If you want to splurge, the Geisha is worth it. Since I tried it, I gave King Harv’s a verification badge. You can read more about the brand at Helen’s Page. (Bumped).

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