March 28, 2021

JULIE BURCHILL: Bristol is now a hotbed of ‘ventrification.’

As with Sussex University in my adopted hometown of Brighton, the overprivileged and undercooked spawn of the bourgeoisie moved in and never left. They merely stopped washing their hair and started calling themselves Antifa rather than Annabel. This was a new face of gentrification: ventrification, which is all about peevish posh kids using working-class neighbourhoods as a stage for their temper tantrums.

* * * * * * * *

For people who supposedly hate American influence, this self-righteous rabble seem very keen on turning my hometown into a twin of Portland, Oregon, where all sorts of shady stuff (the defunding of the police, the pushing of trans policies which will impact on female spaces) is being pushed. It’s ironic that I left Bristol to escape the peacefulness which the teenage me was so contemptuous of. Now I see my city in flames and yearn for the good old days.

I’m sure the British police will clamp down hard on this.

Just kidding of course. Why breakup protests and riots when you can arrest people for this? Police ‘are told to fine Covid rule-breakers after just one verbal warning’ as three officers ‘arrest a woman for sitting on a bench’ and another is surrounded for ‘leaving her house more than once.’

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