THE FRIDAY NIGHT MASSACRE: DHS Secretary Fires Majority of Homeland Security Advisory Council.

The firings are seen as the Biden administration’s latest effort to rebrand the government agency, especially as the border crisis continues. The White House can argue that removing these 32 people is a way of establishing a board that view illegal immigration the same way as the administration. The problem, however, is they chose to do this during the middle of the border crisis. Instead of focusing on the task at hand, DHS now has to vet and find new members for the HSAC when their attention should be stopping the border surge.

One thing is for certain though: Biden can no longer blame Trump. Getting rid of people from other administrations means he can no longer point the finger at Trump appointees.

Well, they shouldn’t blame Trump going forward — but Biden and President Harris will be blaming him for the duration of the administration. (See also Obama blaming George W. Bush throughout his entire administration.)