March 27, 2021

THE 21st CENTURY IS NOT TURNING OUT AS I HAD HOPED: Minnesota Theater Company Cancels Cinderella for Being Too White.

So… staging a production of Cinderella is a violation of “social justice”? It’s probably racist to note that this idea is incredibly stupid, so I won’t.

It’s a sign of how quickly things are changing that this theater decided to stage “Cinderella” in the first place. After all, it’s the story of a peasant girl in 19th Century Europe who becomes a princess. It’s about as white as you can get! Which apparently was acceptable when Chanhassen Dinner Theatres decided to stage it, but then the hammer of “diversity, equity, and inclusion” suddenly smashed down on it. That’s how quickly it can happen. One minute you’re just trying to put on a show, and the next minute you’re the most horrible racist in the world.

If this sort of racial panic were limited to dinner theaters in Minnesota, nobody would care. But this is just one small example of a nationwide trend. Everywhere you look, everybody’s trying to be less “white” than the next guy. Ovmer the past year, The Simpsons and other animated shows have been shamed into replacing white actors who voiced non-white characters. Sesame Street just introduced two African-American Muppet characters in the name of “diversity” and “inclusion” and other buzzwords, which is very strange because black people have been a part of the show for over 50 years.

(When I watched Sesame Street as a little kid, I saw people who didn’t look like me and I wanted them to be my friends. I loved Gordon and Susan and Maria and Luis and the rest. Sesame Street was a world where everybody got along, no matter what they looked like. Clearly, that was just my burgeoning white supremacy at work.)

Regarding Sesame Street, Rod Dreher adds:

Gordon was my favorite human character on Sesame Street. I wanted him to be in my life — and in a way, he was. Even as a small child, I sensed that Sesame Street was radical. The way race was depicted on that program was not like what I saw in real life. It showed how we could live together, if we learned to see each other first as fellow humans, not as bearers of racial identity. I’m telling you, Sesame Street was the only place this vision existed for little white kids in the South (and little black kids too). It was the only place kids like me received a counternarrative to what daily life programmed into our heads about black-white relations.

I hadn’t realized how deeply the new progressive racial obsession bothered me until I saw that clip above, and realized that woke Sesame Street is now setting out to undo all the work that had been accomplished in the generations the show catechized. You know who taught my generation of children to see color? White people who longed for segregation’s return, and black people who lived in fear of white people who longed for segregation’s return.

Who had PBS essentially cancelling a half century of their most popular series on their 2021 Bingo cards?

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