ROGER KIMBALL: Joe Biden’s dire opening chapter on the world stage.

The whole performance was positively shaming. Both sides had agreed on opening statement of two minutes. Blinken and Sullivan followed the rules. Yang went on for nearly 20 minutes, explaining how the US, with capitulation to Black Lives Matter, antifa and other radicals, was in no position to lecture China. He has a point. A canny friend of mine says that he would rather be governed by the Chinese than the Yale faculty. I am not ready to go that far, but I see his point.

The Anchorage outrage was not an isolated incident. On the contrary, though it is early days yet in the Biden-Harris (or Harris-Biden) administration, a pattern of contempt for America and its leaders seems to be taking hold. In the course of a ‘what-flavor-is-your-milkshake’ valen- er, interview with George ‘I <3 Hillary’ Stephanopoulos, Biden was asked if he thought Russian president Vladimir Putin was a ‘killer’. He answered yes, in response to which Putin said he wished Biden the best of health and suggested they livestream a debate. Can you imagine what that would be like?

Joe Biden can barely make it up the stairs to Air Force One without tripping (not once but thrice). It was ‘the wind’ said a White House spox. Remember when President Trump reached for the handrail after speaking at West Point? You would have thought he was about to expire from the hysterical media coverage.

The Swamp has continued its bizarre deflection of the greatest threat to the United States — an increasingly bellicose China — in order to cultivate their favorite meme: the dastardliness of Putin’s Russia. Really, you cannot encounter a news story from the Fake News Conglomerate without the canned strains of ‘Russian interference in the election’. And now HuffPo and kindred outlets are excitedly peddling the non-news that Russia was somehow behind the Hunter Biden laptop story. Sure, they circulated the story, which as far as I know was broken by the New York Post, but the entity behind thestory, the person at the origin, was Hunter ‘Ole Cokehead’ Biden himself.

Joe Biden has been in office for just two months. Has any US president had such a disastrous opening chapter on the world stage? None that I can recall.

Move along, nothing to see here:

I wonder how or if Saturday Night Live will cover Biden’s fall. Probably not like this, from the good old days, when SNL’s utter contempt for Gerald Ford would cause one writer to mutter, “The president’s watching. Let’s make him cringe and squirm:”

UPDATE (FROM GLENN): Via a friend, SNL will ignore this, but the memesmiths aren’t:

And how far are they willing to go to protect Biden from critics? This far.