PRIVACY: This Surveillance Company Claims It Can Track Nearly Any Car in Real-Time.

The Ulysses Group, which offers “cutting edge operational and intelligence services, support, and equipment” to government clients, says it can “access over 15 billion vehicle locations” worldwide every month. This data, which can be viewed “historically” or in real-time, should be used operationally by U.S. agencies, the company says.

A document obtained by the office of Sen. Ron Wyden, which was first reported by Motherboard and shared with Gizmodo, shows Ulysses claims to be able to “remotely geolocate” cars in “nearly any country,” with the exceptions of Cuba and North Korea.

Wyden is usually solid on privacy issues, so I’m curious to see what he tries to do with this — and how much opposition he’ll face from members of his own party, busy whipping up imaginary domestic terrorism scares.