STEPHEN KRUISER: Military Brass Bravely Launch Operation Tucker Carlson.

Carlson was merely noting that the United States military’s focus might be a little off, especially considering the threat from China that grows larger by the day. Several official military accounts responded by proving him right. Sgt. Emo and his ilk are an embarrassment. This great land is well and truly lost forever if more military leadership comes down with a case of the wokes.

I have a difficult time believing that most of our men and women who serve are like that, but who knows here in Topsy Turvy Land?

There was some backpedaling and apologizing by a couple of the official accounts that went after Carlson, but the real problem is that they felt comfortable doing it in the first place.

And the military are still posing for anti-Republican photo-ops and YouTube clips: ‘The military is not a play thing:’ Congressman has Guam National Guard march on Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s office.

As Rod Dreher writes on Operation Tucker, in a post titled  US Military: Social Justice Warriors, “This also proves that there’s no ‘there’ anymore – it’s ‘here.’ The military has become consumed with Wokeism and the Left has fully conquered it. I’ve said before, once the Left subverted the military, then it’s subverted the last institution in America that was truly national and something of a refuge for conservatives. The battle, if not the war, has been lost. What else is there for the Left to come after?”

UPDATE: Did Biden Establish the Military’s First ‘Virtue Signal’ Corps?

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