LIKELY NO, BUT HE DIDN’T HELP MATTERS: Is WA Gov. Jay Inslee Single-handedly Responsible for America’s COVID Outbreak?

What’s amazing is Inslee and his team at DOH saw the outbreak at Life Care and still asked nursing homes to take in COVID-positive patients. The Seattle Times says these decisions contributed to roughly half of the state’s 5,000 coronavirus-related deaths to the nursing home policy because “nearly 200 nursing homes” had “at least one outbreak.” Some had multiple outbreaks. Very few long-term care facilities in the state have gone without any COVID infections. But in King County, where Seattle is located, “455 people connected to nursing homes have died, account for a third of the county’s total deaths.”

While New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) deserves scrutiny, especially because he oversees the largest metropolitan city in America – NYC – scrutiny also needs to be given to Gov. Jay Inslee. Washingtonians deserve to know just how deep this runs. Americans deserve to know how this outbreak impacted the rest of the nation, especially since Life Care was where this all started for the United States. And Inslee needs to be held personally accountable for every single one of these deaths.

As John Nolte noted at the start of the month, the DNC-MSM dogpile over Cuomo’s (very real) #metoo problems were really an excuse for the media to attack him over his COVID debacle, but protect other Democratic governors. “Why is America’s corrupt media not at all interested in some 15,000 dead senior citizens while they tar and feather Cuomo over the allegations he made [at the time of Nolte’s article] three left-wing women uncomfortable? The answer is obvious…Four other Democrat governors issued the same sociopathic nursing home order as Cuomo. Four other Democrats ordered infected coronavirus patients be admitted into nursing home facilities where 1) the most vulnerable live, and 2) they’re not set up to handle an infectious virus.”