March 12, 2021

DID YOU NOTICE NEWSWEEK’S EVOLUTION OF THEIR FACT-CHECK ON TED CRUZ’S CLAIM ABOUT COVID RELIEF CHECKS? “For some reason, Newsweek needs the Customs and Border Patrol to confirm for them that once someone overstays their visa they are here illegally. Just as Cruz isn’t, we’re not expecting Durbin to apologize either. It’s not merely the Daily Beast though that owes Cruz an apology for not acknowledging he told the truth. Then again, it is fitting that the senator would focus on this specific outlet. The story appears as part of a ‘Rile People Up’ section for the Daily Beast. Even just a basic search shows that they are obsessed with Cruz, with the outlet covering the senator multiple times a day, especially late last month. In case the senator is looking for more outlets to correct the record, he might wish to keep Mediate, the San Antonio Current, and Business Insider.”

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