March 12, 2021

HOW IT STARTED: Albany’s Dead-Of-Night Coronavirus Vote Gives Cuomo Sweeping New Emergency Powers.

—The Gothamist, March 6, 2020.

How it was reported by the DNC-MSM, ten days later:

How it ended up:

UPDATE: They’re Trying to Impeach Andrew Cuomo for the Wrong Thing. “There’s no beating around the bush: This was de facto eugenics, wiping out the disabled and the elderly. And while we must criticize him for yelling at his employees, flirting with young female subordinates, and possibly inappropriately touching them, it is crucial that we not forget the thousands of lives lost due to his negligence. His sexual misconduct may indeed be cause for impeachment; but we cannot let it overshadow the loss of life he oversaw. Impeach Governor Cuomo. But make sure you’re impeaching him for the right thing. The ‘allegations of misconduct’ that are serving as the basis for the impeachment inquiry must include the massacre he oversaw.”

More: Nadler, AOC Join Growing Chorus of NY Dems Calling on Cuomo to Resign.

With the Bad Orange Man gone, Cuomo has outlasted his usefulness to the narrative.

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